Financial services

From finance to Fintech, leaders need to navigate a digital transformation landscape and meet complex regulatory requirements.

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“Leaders in this sector are facing the challenge of driving growth strategies while maintaining high standards of quality and innovation.”

In addition, they must ensure the digital transformation of their businesses and the adoption of responsible and ethical management practices.

WYD plays a crucial role in the transformation of this sector through its executive search and talent management services. By identifying visionary and tech-savvy leaders, WYD helps TMT businesses align with emerging trends and excel in product innovation and service development.

The firm also offers Talent Management solutions to support the development of specific skills and the establishment of an organizational culture that promotes agility and reactivity.

The strategic roles supported by WYD in the TMT sector include the Research and Development Directorate, Design Department, Production Department, Quality Department, Sales Department, Marketing Department, Innovation Department, Information Systems Department, CSR Department, and Human Resources Department.

General Management
Financial department
Risk Department
Investment Department
Compliance Department
Actuarial Department
Operations Department
Sales management
CSR Department
Marketing department
Human Resources Department

By supporting these departments, WYD is positioning itself as an essential partner for companies in the TMT sector, guiding them towards operational excellence and the forefront of digital transformation.

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Stéphane Baquet

With more than 10 years of experience in headhunting, he is specialized in finance and insurance for companies ranging from Fintech, Assurtech to very major players in these markets.

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Hugo Allard

Hugo is a seasoned headhunter. Specializing in the banking and insurance sectors, he focuses on recruiting high-level profiles in key areas of Finance, Risk, and Compliance, bringing sharp expertise to companies seeking leaders capable of navigating technical and complex environments.

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Joseph Phillips

Joseph, a recruiter with over ten years of experience, specializes in Finance and Human Resources leadership positions. With a solid technical background, notably gained from his previous role at a major player in the insurance industry, and over five years of expertise in international recruitment, Joseph provides insightful perspectives on the French and European financial markets.

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