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Management and executive recruitment consulting firm, convinced that the most successful organizations in evolving and competitive markets are those that have leaders with relational skills, an ability to motivate teams to get involved, a commitment to continuous evolution, and the courage to do things differently.

In a world where agility and innovation are the precursors to success, WYD positions itself as the essential ally for companies aiming to stand out. Our expertise spans Executive Search, Talent Management, and Coaching, with a unique perspective that empowers leaders to turn insights into tangible realities.

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At the crossroads of innovation and management expertise

Executive search

As experts in the approach and recruitment of Executives, established and emerging leaders, we believe that effective leadership combines strategic vision with flawless execution.

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Talent management

By emphasizing the importance of people in decision-making and strategic processes, wyd allows companies to maximize their performance and encourage a culture of innovation and risk-taking within their governance and attract and retain the best talent to remain competitive.

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Wyd is dedicated to improving governance performance by strengthening relationships between strategic and decision-making bodies, and by supporting leaders in their personal growth and the establishment of collective intelligence within teams.

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Our tailored identity


Experience and expertise as capital

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Leadership and talent as a referent

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Accompaniment like requirement

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Business experience to sectoral experience

Our in-depth knowledge of the various sectors of activity, from finance to technology, including real estate, the pharmaceutical industry, sustainable development, allows us to offer adapted and personalized solutions.

We put people at the heart of our concerns, because each decision, each strategy, each innovation comes from individuals with a vision and a commitment.

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Connect with our experts

photo de stéphane

Stéphane Baquet

Stephane blends over 10 years of specialized headhunting experience with robust expertise gained in a corporate role at EY. He enhances executive potential, committing to understand and precisely meet the needs of evolving businesses.

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photo de sylvain

Sylvain Minh

Sylvain is an expert in Executive Search and Talent Management, passionate about human relations with over 15 years of experience in assisting organizations, teams, and individuals in talent enhancement. Sylvain is a certified coach from HEC.

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Photo de Manon

Manon Larderie

Manon is a recruitment expert with 7 years of experience, specializing in headhunting, and a graduate of ESG Business School. Known for her adaptability and quick grasp of client needs, Manon is a go-to for identifying relevant and quality candidates.

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Photo de Joseph

Joseph Phillips

Joseph, a recruiter with over ten years of experience, specializes in Finance and Human Resources leadership positions. With a solid technical background, notably gained from his previous role at a major player in the insurance industry, and over five years of expertise in international recruitment, Joseph provides insightful perspectives on the French and European financial markets.

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photo d'Hugo

Hugo Allard

Specializing in the banking and insurance sectors, Hugo focuses on recruiting high-level profiles in key areas of Finance, Risk, and Compliance, bringing sharp expertise to companies seeking leaders capable of navigating technical and complex environments.

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