Challenger leadership

Wyd is dedicated to improving governance performance by strengthening relationships between strategic and decision-making bodies, and by supporting leaders in their personal growth and the establishment of collective intelligence within teams.

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The goals of our support



Cultivate uniqueness.
The distinctiveness of each individual and group serves as a catalyst for authentic leadership and the development of an inspiring organizational identity.



Navigate transitions with finesse and confidence.
Transforming intentions into concrete actions is essential for autonomy and engagement, mobilising human talent towards clear objectives.


Inspire to engage

Align your leadership agenda with your personal life.
Sharing a clear and inspiring vision is crucial for developing commitment and motivating teams to collaborate and excel together.



Sharpen your ability to make complex and strategic decisions.
Our support equips you with advanced analytical tools and critical thinking methodologies to improve your decision-making and problem solving in uncertain contexts.



Master the art of persuasive communication
Learn how to articulate ideas effectively, negotiate successfully, and positively influence all stakeholders, from employees to business partners.



Prepare your business for the future.
Plan and execute a succession strategy by identifying and developing talent within your organization to ensure a smooth transition and continued business success.

Collective topics and individuals

Collective support: Boosting Team Potential

Promote synergy and collective intelligence within your teams.

Wyd supports your collective in building a strong collaborative culture, where each member contributes to the common vision with their unique talents. Through our tailor-made sessions, we promote:

Team Cohesion : Strengthening relationships and mutual trust for unwavering unity in diversity.

Effective communication : Establishment of clear communication channels, paving the way for constructive dialogue and agile conflict resolution.

Shared innovation : Stimulation of collaborative creativity to transform ideas into cutting-edge solutions.

Performance Collective : Optimization of processes and alignment of objectives for the effective realization of the business strategy.

Our aim is to transform working groups into cohesive teams, where each member finds their place and contributes to global success.

Collective topics and individuals

Individual coaching:
Accelerating Personal Development

Boost the career path of your leaders and talents.

Wyd is dedicated to individual development through personalized coaching, leading each participant to:

Personalized leadership : Development of an authentic and effective leadership style that inspires and motivates.

Change Management : Strengthening resilience and adaptability in the face of professional transitions and challenges.

Strategic career : Career guidance and planning to achieve career aspirations and long-term goals.

Balance and well-being : Techniques for harmonizing professional responsibilities with personal ambitions and well-being.

We believe in development through individualized support, offering targeted support and concrete strategies for personalized and sustainable growth.

A methodology designed for you

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The Emergence Structure

We map out your organization to understand its dynamics and establish a solid foundation for engagement and collective action.

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Taking Action

We develop personalized strategies that promote autonomy and place individuals and their needs at the forefront.

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Leadership Support

We enhance collaborative leadership by guiding executives through an approach that unleashes the potential for innovation and action.

Our expertise at your service

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Sylvain Minh

coaching expert

Sylvain is an expert in Talent Management, passionate about human relationships and with more than 15 years of experience in supporting organizations, groups and individuals in promoting Talent...
With his expertise in leadership development, he transforms potential into tangible successes.

Sylvain is also a Narrative Practitioner.

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Coaching constructed over time

Executive Search

creator of opportunities

An expert in recruiting confirmed and emerging leaders, has developed a unique expertise in the executive search market. Each mission entrusted to wyd takes place in close collaboration with the company and is implemented in 3 stages.

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Talent Management

Collective performance booster

Wyd, a specialist in Talent Management, focuses on the development of individual and collective talents within the governance of a company.

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