Health & pharmaceutical industry

The Health and Pharmaceutical industry is at the intersection of scientific innovation, ethical concerns, and government regulation.

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“Industry leaders must not only conduct R&D and ensure regulatory compliance, but also manage operations effectively, promote products ethically, and navigate a complex competitive landscape. They also have a role to play in promoting responsible and sustainable practices within their businesses.”

In order to meet these challenges, WYD offers targeted executive recruitment solutions, by identifying senior managers who can catalyze innovation, lead robust business strategies, and promote high standards of quality and ethics. In addition, WYD offers Talent Management services to support businesses in developing their internal talent and adapting to rapidly changing technologies and markets.

General Management
Research and Development Department
Production Department
Quality Department
Regulatory direction
Sales Department
Marketing department
Medical direction
Department of Legal Affairs
CSR Department
Financial department
Human Resources Department

By collaborating with major players in health and pharmacy, WYD contributes to building management teams capable of advancing global health and providing innovative solutions for the medical needs of today and tomorrow.

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Manon Larderie

Manon is a determined recruiter with over 6 years of experience in headhunting. Known for her versatility, she has extended her expertise to the insurance, pharmaceutical, and real estate industries. She focuses on strategic recruitment for financial and operational departments, as well as legal and commercial departments, bringing a personalized and sharp approach to selecting talent tailored to the specific needs of her clients.

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Sylvain Minh

Sylvain is an expert in Talent Management, passionate about human relationships and with more than 15 years of experience in supporting organizations, groups and individuals in promoting Talent.

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