Consumer Goods & Retail

This sector is characterized by its rapid evolution, with changes in consumer behavior, the omnipresence of e-commerce and the need for optimized logistics.

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“Industry leaders need to excel at managing a responsive supply chain, innovating in marketing and sales, and maintaining strong competitive intelligence. They need to be agile, able to anticipate trends and respond quickly to market fluctuations while promoting a responsible corporate culture.”

WYD meets these challenges with specialized Executive Search expertise, capable of recruiting innovative and adaptive managers.

These leaders are selected for their ability to lead creative merchandising initiatives, manage effective operations, and build a culture of compliance and accountability.

In addition, WYD collaborates with its clients to develop Talent Management strategies, in order to strengthen internal competencies and support sustainable growth.

General Management
Purchasing Department
Sales management
Marketing department
Operations Department
Human Resources Department
Financial department
Information Systems Department
Merchandising Department
Compliance Department
CSR Department

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Sylvain Minh

Sylvain is an expert in Talent Management, passionate about human relationships and with more than 15 years of experience in supporting organizations, groups and individuals in promoting Talent.

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